Woah... 21k+ Podcast Listens & $270k for Underrepresented Founders!

Join us at our pitch competition finals on Wednesday, Feb. 24th.

THE RESULTS ARE IN! 27 startups gained a combined total of 21,521 listens during our Podcast Pitch Competition! It’s hard for me to put into words how proud I am of our entire community for coming together and amplifying the stories of founders who are truly building a better future for all. Here's the Top 5 Leaderboard (Rank Ordered by Total Listens):

1) Backyard Gig (6,002 listens)
2) GetPotluck (2,934 listens)
3) The Cubby (2,900 listens)
4) Goalden Hour (2,415 listens)
5) Wilminvest (2,252 listens)

Additionally, 5 more startups selected by our preliminary round judges to also advance to the finals include: Kiddie Kredit, Wavlength, femPAQ Inc., Cafecito, and Dendwell.

We hope you’ll join us next Wednesday as we hear these 10 startups pitch and compete for $10k in prizes! Our judges include Liz Brown of Fawns Leap, Ariel Gruswitz of Delaware Prosperity Partnership, and Saba Karim of Techstars. We'll also be sharing some news that will certainly benefit the entire community. Here's the link to register!

Lastly, we've got another funding opportunity with applications closing very soon. Startup 302 is a funding competition with $260k in awards for technology-enabled startups led by underrepresented founders. Winners will receive prize money, access to mentors, and valuable connections in the startup ecosystem. Be sure to apply by Feb. 22nd!

Thanks for reading,
Garry Johnson III
Founder & Executive Director

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  • The Black Ambition Prize provides a platform for eligible entrepreneurs to access growth capital, pitch feedback, and mentorship. Eligible applicants consist of Black and Latinx founders building across these distinct categories: Consumer Products and Services, Design, Healthcare, and Tech.

    Black Ambition’s goal is to fund bold ideas, and to help reduce barriers to capital. Black and Latinx entrepreneurs will be eligible to receive mentorship and win up to $1,000,000 in funding. Applications Due 02.18. [Shared by Earl]

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