New Startup Perks + Free Event with Hubspot & Brex!

Supercharge your business banking and learn why companies are going remote-first.

Exciting news for our Community!

For startups looking to streamline their business finances, we’ve got you covered with our latest partnership with Brex! In the weeks ahead, we’ll host educational sessions with the Brex team to help founders get all of their questions answered.

About Brex

The corporate credit card to help you scale faster.

Get a card that can keep up. Sign up in minutes for a business credit card with higher limits and no personal guarantee. From controls for employee purchases to vendor payments to accounting, Brex saves you time and reduces wasted spend.

The best replacement for the business bank account.

Sign up online in 10 minutes. From there, it's free to send ACH & wire transfers—even internationally. To spend funds, Cash comes with a credit card that's paid daily and earns you cash back each time you pay.

Brex handles your company’s deposits, payments, credit cards, reporting, and accounting in one place. Brex makes it easy to see how your money’s being used and control how it’s spent.

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Founders can also attend this upcoming webinar with Larissa Maranhao (Employee #1 @ Brex & Harvard-Grad) and Mayra Ceja as they discuss why Brex went remote-first, what remote work looks like post-pandemic, and how companies can optimize for the distributed workforce of tomorrow.

In this chat, we’ll discuss topics like:

  • Trends in remote-first startups

  • Why did Brex decide to go remote-first?

  • How does this decision affect culture and collaboration?

  • Startup Founder Q&A

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